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I need to say goodbye

Publié par Plume Libre sur 23 Mars 2014, 18:36pm

Catégories : #Strophes

I need to tell you goodbye,

To forget all my pain,

So many time passed since the end

And I can't stay just like it.


I need to tell you goodbye,

To forget all the things we were,

'Cause we are nothing anymore,

Nothing else than a remember,

A crazy little song which stay stuck in minds.


But no doubts, I need to tell goodbye

To all our passed love,

To all the things we did,

To you and your eyes.

I need to tell goodbye,

To forget all I could have with you,

To change my sad state of mind

To have, finally, some joyce in my heart,

To stop to torture my soul,

Just to touch again the little hope of an incredible love.


I can't stay waiting for you

When you don't wanna come,

I can't love you again

If  you don't remind that I am alive.


I need to let you go,

Too much time have passed,

I should be happy with another one

But I forgot how do it,

I should love another guy

But no one is the one as you were,

No one had succeed to make me lose control as you did.

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